Something for the fans

Damian Rebgetz (DE/AU)



Language, naturally, is identity. The sound that surrounds us, however, intuitively connects us with a feeling of home. The feeling of home is a sound cloud. In the end, we even miss the loud murmuring in the womb – a device, like a hair-dryer perhaps, can replace it temporarily, give us some sense of security. Like a kitten that falls asleep, calmed by the ticking of a clock, because it reminds it of its mother’s heartbeat.
Everyday noises are also the soundtrack of childhood. Migration casts us into other landscapes of sound, where we have to sort out where we belong all over again. Even before language, the ego sorts itself out, creating connections to the world.
The biography of the musician and performer Damian Rebgetz is paradigmatic of a generation that has grown up with the keywords globalization and mobility. Since his childhood, processes of leaving and arriving have been associated with changing languages, geographies, objects, stories, and cultural practices.

In “Something for the fans,” the fans play the music, their sound – a kind of acoustic version of Proust’s madeleine – pulls Rebgetz back to his Australian childhood. Separated by continents, climates, and several time zones, he explores the hots and colds of sound intimacy between memories and household objects. The fans grow personalities, becoming mythical and musical instruments. How do you tell a sound autobiography? Can you find community in a reassembled orchestra of fans? “Something for the fans” is a piece about feeling at home and at the same time an attempt to negotiate the discomfort of this idea in relation to identity, symbols, and myths.


THURSDAY 04 JULY 09:30 Pm Bochum
Premiere Language EN & DE Schauspielhaus Bochum: Theater Unten
FRIDAY 05 JULY 09:30 hrs Bochum
Language EN & DE Schauspielhaus Bochum: Theater Unten
SATURDAY 06 JULY 09:30 hrs Bochum
Language EN & DE Schauspielhaus Bochum: Theater Unten

Duration 60 Min


Concept and performance: Damian Rebgetz
With: Dominik Hallerbach, Jessica Páez, Damian Rebgetz, Timo Schmidt

Dramaturgy and produktion management: Jessica Páez
Costumes: Emma Cattell and Kerstin Honeit
Lights: Wolfgang Macher
Technical direction: Falco Ewald
Artistic assistant: Dominik Hallerbach
Technical assistant: Timo Schmidt
Fotografic advisor: York Wegerhoff

A project of Impulse Theater Biennale 2013 in coproduction with HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin.